We are the Co-Founders of everything that is The Creative Hive. It’s a space yes, but it’s more than that. It’s a place where people come to be creative, to dream big, and to see community come together. 

How it all breaks down:


Office rentals (we are thrilled to have 10 local businesses in the space), studio rentals, and boardroom rentals. This is a place that can be exactly what you or your company needs to meet, celebrate and be inspired.


This is all the events, workshops, and corporate bookings at The Creative Hive. It’s a blank slate designed to bring your vision to life.


We are a full production team here to work with entrepreneurs, small business, non-profits and corporations to create meaningful video content that engages their market. This ranges from story videos, educational videos, social media videos, to virtual events and more. We have curated an incredibly talented team of local production specialists to bring compelling video content to life.

We have both been in the media world for more than a decade. A world that is changing faster than mainstream News can keep up to, but in the midst of it all we carved out a complete love for our community and the many people that jump in each day to make their dreams a reality. We wanted to be a part of that! We wanted to create a place that welcomes all the dreamers, doers, and people putting Edmonton on the map.

The Creative Hive is evolving, as we all do, and our story continues each day. Reach out to learn more and become a part of this growing community.


No one's story will go untold.


We creatively connect and inspire people to believe in the power of sharing who they are with the world.


Family · Family is the heartbeat of who we are. We believe that family encompasses everyone who wants to contribute to it.

Connection · We believe that connection is the universal currency for positive change.

Community · We believe that community is about belonging, acceptance and learning