Hive Media is a growing production house that is armed with an incredible team of local talent to help bring to life the right video production you need. Our core team was a part of the  media industry for decades and excels at working in a fast pace, changing environment. This team has won dozens of local, national, and international awards for storytelling.

We have curated exceptional videographers, editors, SEO experts, and graphic designers to allow our team the ability to work with clients of all size and on projects of varying scope. We can meet your needs and work within your budget to create the right video for your audience or key objective.  

When we connect, our job is to establish who you are and the details around your company or corporation. Getting to know each piece allows us to really direct and guide you with video production options and helps maintain a lasting partnership. 

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Types of Video

Small Business · Personal Profile · Education · Training · Webinars · Memorial · Legacy · Corporate · Events (Live & Virtual) · Tours · Social Media · Real Estate · Product Videos · Custom Video

Everyone has a story. Each person, each product, each company. There is “story” at the core of everything we do and who we are. We take your vision seriously. It is our job to create video that shows and tells the right messaging to the right people in the right way. Our role is to make sure you get exactly what you want on time and on budget.

Pricing varies on the scope of the project and type of video needed. To guarantee an accurate budget and details on pricing please contact us directly.

Meet the Team

Video Production

Mike Tighe

Mike Tighe is our Chief Videographer and editor...he is a
creative soul. He has a passion for finding a way to bring
your vision to life and leans on decades of experience
behind the camera to share stories in his own unique
way. Mike is the Co-Founder of The Creative Hive & Hive
Media and is thrilled to be learning new ways to share
stories, shine spotlights, and create magic people are
excited to share. His talent behind the camera and in the
edit suite allows us to showcase our clients in a truly
special way. Mike has won dozens of national and
international storytelling awards. He is committed to
learning and looks forward to heading back south
for the National Press Photographers
Association conference when it's safe to do so.

Dez Melenka

Dez Melenka is the Co-Founder at The Creative Hive,
Hive Media & Wear The Care Project. For nearly
decades, Dez has been working in
journalism wearing a variety of hats...from anchoring,
weather, reporting, producing and writing...BUT, what
has always been her passion is telling real stories that
impact people. Stories that help people bring to
life their vision, share what they do, raise awareness
and their profile! Dez loves to organize the
behind-the-scenes but is vital in helping prepare
people for their interviews, virtual events or just for
the story itself. Dez is available to host events and
has an engaging personality that makes people smile!
She is a passionate entrepreneur that is spreading
her wings in this community and across the country.

Chad Kruger

Chad’s energy and enthusiasm enhances every shoot
he takes on.  Beginning his career as an editor
and videographer for CTV more than a decade ago,
Chad has extensive experience in video production
for both news media and commercial industries. His
camerawork has taken him around the world including
covering the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, chasing
hurricanes across the United States, capturing the
Fort McMurray wild fires and more. Chad can do it
all—from taking existing footage and turning it into
a cohesive piece to producing, planning, directing,
shooting and editing a video from start to finish, his
documentary videography style and vast skill sets
makes him an ideal partner for your project.
Check out Chad's Work: CHAD K PRODUCTIONS

Graphics, Animation and Photography

Lindsay Melenka

Lindsay Melenka is our graphics guru who loves
creating dynamic ways to pull customers into a
story, a brand or to share a specific voice! She is
dedicated to her craft and is one of the most
genuine people you will ever meet. She has more
than a decade of experience designing graphics
and uses her creativity to shape stories in a very
unique way. She is also the driving force and designer
for our Wear the Care Project and white labeling.

Dion Coursen

Motion Graphics and Animation have been my
specialty for more than 15 years. For the past
years, I've specialized in pro sports. After 6 years
with the Edmonton Oilers, last year I left to start
my own Motion Graphics business. In the past
year I've designed and built content for, the
Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, LA Kings,
LA Lakers, LA Galaxy, NJ Devils, Vancouver
Whitecaps, Red Deer Rebels, Edmonton Oil Kings
and Hockey Canada. Amongst many other projects
in various industries.

Brianne Burns

Brianne Burns is a 29-year-old content creator. She
specializes in capturing moments both in video and
photo. She has been a portrait, food and lifestyle
photographer for over 10 years.

Brianne has worked in most positions in the film
industry. She has worked as a video editor for a
food agency, creating commercials and ads for
large brands like Canada Bread, Sobeys, Chiquita
and many more. After editing for a while, she wanted
to try a different aspect of the video world. She
joined the Tribute Entertainment team as a
videographer and editor where she experienced
red carpet interviews with celebrities and filmed
junket interviews one-on-one.

Film Transfer

Desmond Melenka

Let us help keep your memories and moments alive!  Reel Time will take your bins or boxes of VHS/Beta/Film/tape and transfer them to a digital format that will preserve those moments for decades to come.  Desmond has spent decades in technology from programing to software development to website creation.  He is the expert that is here to help create a lasting collection for you and your family!

Looking for an Emcee?

Dez Melenka is an experience journalist and media personality in Edmonton. With more than a decade of experience navigating the changing landscape of News Media Dez is an experienced spokesperson for several local initiatives.  

She has emceed galas, workshops, small groups and coroporate events throughout her career. Her community engagement continues to grow as a small business owner.

Dez brings all her experience and personality to the stage for a variety of events. Here's how Dez can help:
· Provide insight to organizers · Set the right tone for guests
· Keep the event on time/on track · Facilitate interviews/panels

Dez has emceed events for Angels Anonymous, YETI, Schizophrenia Society of AB, Edmonton Renovation Show, Edify Top 40, and more.

Companies we've worked with:

Customer reviews
The Creative Hive is a passionate, professional company and very strategic when it comes to video, events, and production. They have greatly impacted our business and have brought us to the next level with respect to producing events. The team at The Hive feels like family and have always made us feel very comfortable with every project that we have created with them!
— Dale Rosehill, Head of Events & Experiences | Dr. Jody Carrington Consulting Inc.
My experiences with the Hive Media team have gone far and beyond anything I’d ever expected. Their expertise around story-telling has helped us capture the true essence of our project and in such a way that it captivates our audience’s head AND heart. From planning to production to videography to editing and more, they have a certain magic in their process that simply brings people’s stories, ideas and dreams to life.
— Kristen Edmiston | KEA Consulting
Dez, Mike and the entire team are incredible to work with. They don't just have ideas...they back it up with work that wow's audiences.
— Marti Piller | COO, Dr. Jody Carrington Consulting Inc.
Finding a space where I could retain my creative energy and find a family of support during the pandemic was such a blessing. The Creative Hive offered that and so much more. Their care and consistent check ins made us feel like we were part of a team, a part of something bigger. One year later, I consider everyone in the building a friend and I feel like we can rely on each other for any of the wild and outlandish ideas. Their creativity and consistency follows into their production work always.
— Jesse Lipscombe | Prodcuer, Writer, Activist, Actor, Entrepreneur
Need help? Call/Text 780·996·7510